Vehicle Breakdowns and Why you probably Don’t Care!

If you are fortunate not to have had a vehicle breakdowns yourself, can I safely presume you have seen people stranded on the road, with their vehicle refusing to budge by their side, probably frustrated?

What did you learn from that?

Did you wonder if that could happen to you? And how should you be prepared if your vehicle broke down?

If you are like most people you probably returned to your riding, or nap or conversation and then forgot all about it. That’s not unusual.

There is a reason we all behave that way. It is called optimism bias. In other words, our belief where we tell ourselves “it won’t happen to me”.  

This is one of the basic biases of human psychology where we tell ourselves we are less at risk of experiencing any negative event compared to others. This is not just towards vehicle breakdowns but to any kind of threat that is not immediate.

Sure optimism bias keeps you out of worries, but it also keeps you in your comfort zone, even when you should not be. Sometimes the false hope is painful when it is shattered.

Motorbikes and cars are machines with hundreds of mechanical parts working together. More the moving parts in a machine, more the wear and tear. Motorbikes have hundreds of moving parts and cars have thousands.

When you don’t adhere to the strict routine of regular maintenance, the wear and tear increase greatly and the breakdown point is reached very soon. 

Will maintaining your vehicle regularly help you avoid breakdowns altogether?

Sadly, even if you maintain your vehicle well, you can’t help flat tires, one of the most reported issues that bring your journey to a halt. Postponing fuel refills sometimes leaves chronic procrastinators among us on road with empty tanks.

Sometimes you might simply lose your key on your journey. Perhaps you are having a bad day and the vehicle just stops and you don’t know why.

Avoiding breakdowns by preventive maintenance is possible, to an extent, but you can’t avoid it entirely. When you can’t avoid something entirely, it’s better to be prepared for it.

The ideal solution would be to super disciplined about your regular maintenance, never procrastinating refilling when you are low on fuel, always being careful not to lose the key, giving a thorough check to the vehicle before beginning any ride. Learning to repair issues by yourself and carry spares. Lastly, knowing where on-road your tire will get punctured, and avoid it. That sure is hard!

The simpler solution would be to have human-level discipline and supplement it with breakdown assistance cover (RAC) which acts like an insurance. This would reliably rescue you at that unfortunate vehicle breakdown event on the road. Plan peace of mind for that high-stress situation.

Check out Gaadi360 Roadside Assistance Cover (RAC). This RAC costs just Rs 50/month (less than Rs 2/day) for a motorbike and Rs 125/month (about Rs 4/day) for a car. Isn’t that less than what you spend on a cup of coffee every day? 🙂

Maybe it’s time you were prepared.