10 Simple Tips to Improve Mileage

Better Mileage Tips:

1. Maintain Correct Tyre pressure
The US department of energy says “With every 1 PSI(pounds per square inch) drop in pressure, the mileage is effected by 0.4%. Hence it is important to maintain proper Tyre pressure for your vehicle? How can you find the PSI for your vehicle? You can find it with the user manual or can contact the rightful person(A good mechanic or the authorized service station) to know about it.

2. Do not use choke longer than necessary
Use choke only to start the vehicle only when it is idle for quite sometime but turn it off once your vehicle is started because with the more usage of choke you land up running fuel mix far too rich which is prone to overheating and might give a bad mileage.

3. Keep hand off the clutch lever while riding
Slipping the clutch converts some of the engine power to be lost as friction. That means you are again losing out on your mileage.

4. Keep hand/foot off the brake while riding
By the same logic of using clutch lever while riding, you lose the mileage.

5. Avoid sudden acceleration
Once you accelerate the vehicle suddenly, the engine requires much more power to act accordingly. Hence it tries to get more fuel to move faster covering less distance and more fuel for the energy.

6. Drive in correct gear as per speed
Revolution per Minute(RPM) of your bike depends on your acceleration. Accelerating more with lesser gear lands you up to more RPM that impacts your mileage.

7. Fill fuel from trusted fuel station
It should never be the case that you pay for 1 liter of fuel and you land up filling 900 ml of fuel. Not only that, the quality of fuel also matter. This does happen at some fuel stations. Be careful, choose the right fuel station partner.

8. Turn off your engine while you are static
Trust me, you burn more fuel while waiting at the signal with your vehicle on.  According to lot of researches, by having your vehicle turned on during its idle state you waste 0.4% of your fuel daily. Save fuel, Save Future.

9. Select a route with lesser traffic
Of course it’s difficult to avoid traffic but a route with lesser traffic can be chosen to avoid more usage of clutch & brake.

10. Periodic service of the vehicle
It is always best to service your bike once in three months(with a normal usage). But if you travel a lot, it is advisable to service in every two months.

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How to get your Driver’s License in India

Why do you need a Driver’s License (DL)?
This is a law so that your driving doesn’t disturb the peace on the road for others. It is like getting a doctor’s degree before operating on someone.

Ideally, you can learn to drive/ride after you get your Learner’s License (LL) for which you can apply only after your turn 18-year-old. By choosing the online medium to apply, you optimize two things-usages of paper and your precious time.

The fee for LL and DL has to be paid together.Rs.25/-as test fee plus Rs.30/- per category of vehicle is required to be paid for LL. Rs.200/- for a Smart Card DL and Rs.50/- per category of vehicle is required to be paid for DL.

When it comes to getting the Driver’s License, most of us go with an agent who will do all the work. Did you know that you can get your license without an agent? Yes!! You heard it right. This is a good deal since it is absolutely corruption-free.

How to apply online?
Visit the site here to apply for the License.

Couple of more steps to go… What are they?
If you do not possess even the LL, here are the steps to follow.

  • Click the option “I don’t have a license”
  • Fill in your nearest RTO details and of course your personal details too
  • Select vehicle(s)  you want the license for
  • Accept that the information given by you is true
  • Upload your age proof and address proof
  • Upload your photo and signature
  • Select the test slot
  • Prepare for the test

Wondering what the questions would be and the passing marks (Of course) for this test?

There will be 15 random questions asked about the traffic rules, get at least 11 answers right, you clear it. If you don’t, you can take a re-test in next 24 hours. To get a practice of the test, take few mock tests online here.

Once you receive your LL, you will be able to drive your vehicle, mind that you prominently put “L” on your vehicle, in red. Also remember to have someone with you who holds a DL (Which is mandatory for all LL holder).

When and how can you apply for DL?
You can only apply after 30 days of the issue of your LL.

  • Go here
  • Choose the option “I have an LL”
  • Enter your LL details
  • Select your driving test slot
  • Yes, you need to Pass the test

What if you fail? How many attempts do you get?

  • You can reschedule only after 30 days
  • A total of 6 attempts (up to 180 days)
  • If you fail to clear the driving test even after 6 attempts, you seriously need a good amount of riding practice with someone to supervise you.
  • You will have to start from the beginning and apply for LL again

Remember!!! Your DL also expires. Keep track of the date and apply for the renewal with the same link.  

Once you successfully get your license to drive a vehicle on the roads, enjoy rides confidently and sensibly. When it’s time for your bike to get a service or repair, get an expert mechanic at gaadi360, the best Personal Assistant for your vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

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All the best!
Happy and Safe Riding