Motorbike Servicing through Gaadi360. Here is why you should try.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you serviced your motorbike?

It is most likely that you won’t remember the date. You may also not remember when exactly do you need to service your motorbike next.

Maintenance frequencies are different for different people, even when they have the same model, driving conditions, and usage. It is approximately 4 months for some, 6 months for others, and is whenever the vehicle breaks down for many.

Manufacturers for commuter motorbikes advice for the vehicles to be checked for minor issues and engine oil change after every 3 months of normal usage. What many may not know is, following that advice rigorously will keep your motorbike in fine running conditions for decades.

Let me introduce Gaadi360 and how it can simplify motorbike maintenance for you.

Gaadi360 is a 2-year old startup solving the pains involved in motorbike maintenance.

These pains exactly:

  1. Taking time out to go to a service station.
  2. Going physically to the service station.
  3. Picking up your motorbike from the service station after repairs.
  4. The inconvenience of single/restricted modes of payment.
  5. Doubts of transparency in billing.
  6. Doubts about service quality.
  7. The absence of professional customer care.
    Post service support which is hard to find.

How are we solving these issues?

So your bike is in safe hands

Firstly we went ahead and partnered with some great service stations in each area of the city based on criteria that gauged their quality of service. Over the period of 2 years, we screened out service stations based on customer reviews. We now have very reliable service stations working with us. We have served several thousand bikes through these service station partners.

So you may save your time and effort to visit service station

While you book your bike service on Gaadi360, you get to opt for the free pickup and delivery back to your home or office. This saves you the trouble of traveling to the service station yourself. Free pickup is offered up to 2km from the service station. A nominal fee is charged beyond.

So you may pay the way you want

Payment is accepted only after the service is done and the motorbike is delivered back to you. The only exception is in the case of major repairs like engine boring where the estimated price of repairs is high.
You have the option to pay by any means that is convenient to you; Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Payment, Paytm.

So you may have peace of mind

The core reason why anyone should use Gaadi360 is because of the quality of work we strive to provide. Assurance of quality is possible because of the long and strong working relationship we have with our service station partners. There is also a more tangible assurance of 30-day warranty post service given to all bikes serviced from Gaadi360.

In an unlikely event of an issue that was fixed recurring, we will fix the same, either at your doorstep or by taking the bike to the service station, at zero cost to you.

A friend in need

Apart from booking for your motorbike service, you can avail assistance when your vehicle breaks down on road (or at home/office). It could be a flat tire, or your bike wouldn’t start, or bike’s clutch wire snapped, or for any other reason. The assistance will arrive at you in 30-45 minutes anywhere in the city.

You may also ensure peace of mind about breakdowns by buying Annual Roadside Assistance Pack. This will ensure quick assistance on any roads of India (inside and outside cities) at an affordable price (Rs 50/month paid annually).
Here is a small post about breakdowns.

Okay, fine! you may say. How do I book my bike service on Gaadi360?

3 Simple Ways.

  1. Express Booking:
     Provide a few details and we will choose the right service station for you based on our internal ratings for service stations in your area.
  2. Normal Booking:
     On website or app search for our partnering service stations in your area, select a date, provide few details about you and your bike, and book the service.
  3. Call / WhatsApp / Chat:
     Give a call to get any info or ask us to make the booking on your behalf, or WhatsApp the details for us to book service, or chat with us from the website chat client to get any info or assistance.


If you decide to give us a try, here are a few quick links for booking bike service or getting breakdown assistance.

Try Gaadi360 for your motorbike service and you may never have to visit a garage/service station again!

Our Story So Far; The Past Year.


It’s been a year already! 🙂

First off, to all those who used Gaadi360, Thank you. You are the reason our dream exists.

Here is our story so far

We started Gaadi360 on the 14th of February 2015 at 10:10 PM with great enthusiasm. This was the greatest thing we were doing. The aim was simple, to make motorbike maintenance easy. That’s all, but the task at hand wasn’t as we later realised.

After many sleepless nights and countless brainstormings about how we want to execute it, we created a platform for the most reliable multi-brand service stations that users could choose from and avail the services. We wanted to standardize few things and others would vary according to service stations.

Convincing the right service stations initially was a hard task as they couldn’t see it working model or had they heard of something on similar lines before. We managed to convince a few service stations that finally agreed to give us a try, and we launched our website with these partners.

Getting customers to use it was a greater challenge as some of them openly expressed their apprehensions in trusting a service station person showing up at their house or office to inspect and then take away the motorbike to the service station for repairs.

We addressed those issues with transparency, a process to identify pickup personnel with codes, and establishing greater communication between the three entities (User, Service Station and Gaadi360).

Our friends and families were the first to try the product as they had no dearth of trust on us. The initial users were delighted, the campaigns, continuous product improvement, google ads, and word of mouth slowly happened. We launched Gaadi360 in Hyderabad in December 2015.

Addressing the customer’s issues at any cost at any time was the goal. Sometimes we ourselves picked the vehicles and delivered, and one day we ran around the city to address a genuine issue for one customer, the other day we travelled half way through the city at 2AM to tow a couple’s motorbike that had brokedown, to their house. We were glad at the end of it all, we left no stone unturned in our capacity to live up to the one simple goal, make motorbike maintenance easy.

Service stations have started approaching us to come onboard Gaadi360 platform, the onboarding conditions more stringent now, so only the best remain. Many new customers are discovering Gaadi360 every day.

Through the 365 day journey, we further learnt other painpoints of the motorbike owner. There are exciting new features planned in the coming days. The work to push the envelope to further simplify vehicle maintenance is still on and always will be.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you. It has been a great experience for us.

Thank you.

Ride responsibly. Safety before all else. | Gaadi360 Android App