Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions to agree to before Booking a Service are effective from 19 Mar 2019.

It is hereby agreed:

  1. Gaadi360 shall provide free pick up for only predetermined radius of the nearest service station as mentioned on the websiteGaadi360, beyond which the costs incurring to pick up and delivering the motorbike shall be borne by you.
  2. That the charges towards maintenance services specified in the bill shall be paid by you.
  3. That up to half a liter of fuel is utilized for cleaning the engine and in the process of pick up and delivering the motorbike located within predetermined location from service station to your place and any additional fuel consumption shall be charged as per the prevailing rates with Gaadi360/Service station.
  4. Final Bill amount may vary from the initial Estimated Cost depending upon the underlying issues.
  5. That Gaadi360 is the platform that brings service providers for vehicle maintenance & repair to users of the website, and by using the services of gaadi360, you agree that you shall not hold gaadi360 liable for any damages occurred to the motorbike while pick up or delivering.
  6. That in the event of any damages caused to the motorbike while in the custody of service station, the service station shall be held responsible for the same and the same shall be rectified, if informed by you to gaadi360 and the service station within 24hours of receipt of the delivery of the motorbike. .
  7. That in the event of theft of Your motorbike while in the custody of service station, Gaadi360 shall not be held responsible for such loss and the compensation for such loss shall be provided solely by the service station as determined by negotiation between You and service station, and Gaadi360 shall provide You all sort of assistance in obtaining such compensation.
  8. That in the event of malfunctioning of a part/spare under the warranty period, which is replaced or added to the motorbike as a part of maintenance work, the said part will be replaced or repaired at free of cost. But minimal labour charge for such replacement is charged.
  9. That the said part/spare under the warranty period, if physically damaged, when it is in the custody of motorbike owner will not be liable for warranty.
  10. That in certain cases, you have to make an appropriate advance payment of estimated cost which helps the service station to procure the required materials in advance for repairing your vehicle.  
  11. Gaadi360 provides suggestions of recommended services at the time of making Booking of Service and these recommendations are based on industry best practices and You are solely responsible for using those recommendations or reject them based on your vehicle’s needs.  Gaadi360 shall not be held responsible suitability of those recommendations for your vehicles specific condition.
  12. All disputes subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.